1. Do not lend items to anyone, because if you trade-off with a user that means that both agree to it and the virtual items will belong to the user who receive them.

2. The server is not liable for the sale or trade items between users, we won't accept any claims for not payed items or lost on a trade with other users on the server, they won't be accepted.

3. If someone is selling your items in exchange of a card balance or fake money, ignore, also if you do it you will be violating rule number 16 and could be penalized.

4. The Server does not have any administrators, Server is a completely automatic, if someone or some server tells users, which is GM or admin or moderator, ignore them.

5. If someone accuses you of stealing something or of something that you didn't do, not worry many users scammers use this method to put fear and terror on other users and thus make them do what they say threatening them with blocking your account, but do not believe them just ignore them.

6. If you hear or someone tells you that the Server will close, it's a lie, simply ignore them, users are competitive servers or users saboteurs instilling fear and lying other players to make them afraid, and making them lose their effort and until they don't play anymore.

The Server will never be closed, that won't happen, so don't worry, and don't believe to whoever says that.
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